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Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake

Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake

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Indulge in our decadent Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake. Featured in a New York Times write-up, this confectionery marvel boasts a rich, moist crumb infused with the harmonious essence of premium dark chocolate and vibrant citrus zest. The aroma of fresh orange permeates every slice, inviting anticipation with each bite.

Coated in a glossy chocolate ganache  that delivers an intense cocoa flavor that harmonizes flawlessly with the subtle tang of orange. As the New York Times describes, each forkful reveals a symphony of textures — from the tender cake to the luscious ganache — promising a sensory journey that satisfies both the craving for sweetness and the desire for sophistication. Perfect for any occasion, our Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake is sure to be the star of any gathering!

Serves 12-15

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