We are a neighborhood bakeshop located in the heart of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

A touch of retro & modern, the “Betty” is a tribute to all that is mid-century mien and deliciousness; baked goods like the treats that used to come out of our grandma’s kitchen—but with an updated twist.

Enjoy a cup of our insanely good Hot Chocolate when you’re cold, or our own Strawberry Lemonade to cool down in the summertime.

Try our decadent version of the Ring Ding or Twinkie and the most addictive Red Velvet Cupcakes on the planet. Have a latté and a slice of Valrhona Chocolate Cake with its swoopy icing or a plateful of the best Rugelach in the city.


Monday: 10AM - 7: 30PM

Tuesday: 10AM - 7:30PM

Wednesday: 10AM - 7:30PM

Thursday: 10AM - 7:30PM

Friday: 10AM - 7:30PM

Saturday: 10AM - 7:30PM

Sunday: 10AM - 5PM 


Phone Number

(718) 246-2402




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