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Valrhona Chocolate Cake

Valrhona Chocolate Cake

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Indulge in our decadent three-layer Valrhona chocolate cake that promises a rich, velvety experience with every bite. Crafted using the finest Valrhona chocolate, renowned for its deep, complex flavor and silky smooth texture. 

Nestled between and covering these luscious chocolate layers is a sumptuous mocha cream cheese filling. This filling combines the slight tanginess of cream cheese with the bold flavors of chocolate and a hint of espresso, creating a harmonious blend that complements the rich chocolate cake. The mocha cream cheese filling is smooth and creamy, adding a delightful contrast in both flavor and texture.  The mocha notes in the frosting enhance the chocolatey goodness of the cake while adding a sophisticated coffee undertone.

Whether for a special occasion or simply to satisfy a gourmet craving, this cake is sure to impress and delight.

6" -- 4 - 8 servings depending on serving size

8" -- 10-20 servings depending on serving size

10" -- 25-38 servings depending on serving size

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